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CSShark - Netscape 4 Issues: Tables, Lists
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CSS and Netscape 4.xx Issues

Tables, Lists

In NN 4.xx, you cannot assign most styles to the <TABLE> or <TR> elements, use the <TD> element instead. Background image and color, on the other hand, can be declared on the <TABLE> tag.

Do not use margin-, padding-, or border- properties on table, tr, td, or th elements, this doesn't work properly.

If you need to set special margins, borders, or padding inside a table cell, then use this markup:

<td><div class="table-cell"> yourtext </div></td>

to apply the CSS rules to the div inside the cell.

To give a table a border you don't have to work with nested tables. Simply wrap this table in a <div>, like:

.tblbor {
    border-width: 1px;
    border-style: solid;
    border-color: #CCCCCC;

You put this style declaration either in an external stylesheet or in the <head></head> section and apply it to the table as follows:

<div class="tblbor">
            <td>Content text and more content</td>

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That should give you a thin grey border around this table. You can also play with other border-style properties (like outset, or ridge) to give the impression of a 'bevelled' table.

If you want to know how to style a list, I recommend the Project VII List Style Tutorial.

Assigning styles to the <li> tag in NN 4.xx only affects the bullet and not the text as it should. The <dt> and <dd> tags have a similar problem. To work around the problem, enclose the text with a <span> tag or assign the style to the <ul>, <ol> or <dl> tag.

Another bug is connected to {list-style-type: none;} or {list-style: none;}. NN 4.xx MAC displays question marks instead of "no bullets", and if you declared "margin" or "padding" in the <UL> or <LI> style, then NN 4.xx will show the bullets. On the other hand, applying "padding" and "margin" on list styles where you want the bullets to show usually suppresses the bullets.

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