This web site is about Cascading Style Sheets as a means to separate the presentation from the structural markup of a web site, and it will help you answer some of those frequently asked Questions, explains some of the Basics of CSS, gives you tips and tricks for tackling the problems with Netscape 4, offers you a tutorial about Positioning with CSS (CSS-P, web design without tables). There is also a page with interesting Links.
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CSS and Netscape 4.xx Issues


These CSS1 properties or selectors do not work in Navigator 4, and should be avoided:

To tackle the NN 4.xx vs. CSS issue, make sure that you test every step while developing a site.

There is a good chance that some topics have already been covered in the Dreamweaver Newsgroup. You can search the archives of this very active group in google.

If some style fails or causes NN 4.xx to crash, remove the "dangerous" styles and try to work around - there are not very many visitors to your web site who look at your site with IE and NN 4.xx at the same time.

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This is a link to a web site that lists bugs in NN 4.xx vs. CSS:

It is always a very good idea to validate your site:
HTML Validators like the WDG Validator or the W3 Validator are very useful, and both also offer CSS validators, like WDG CSS or the W3 CSS.

Other topics:

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If you should stumble another NN 4.xx/CSS issue, please me so that we can post it on this site.

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