This web site is about Cascading Style Sheets as a means to separate the presentation from the structural markup of a web site, and it will help you answer some of those frequently asked Questions, explains some of the Basics of CSS, gives you tips and tricks for tackling the problems with Netscape 4, offers you a tutorial about Positioning with CSS (CSS-P, web design without tables). There is also a page with interesting Links.
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Tips and Tricks

Some CSS vs. NN 4.xx issues are already addressed at CSS Issues, and here are only a few more hints regarding the layout and the positioning.

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In one short sentence: the time for CSS is here and now. Use it.

On the next page Materials, you'll find the graphics used here, as well as the stylesheets.

HINT: To implement CSS successfully in the design of your web site, you should be a little familiar with CSS, and this tutorial is no substitute for a book like Cascading Style Sheets - The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly Books), by Eric Meyer or Cascading Style Sheets - Designing for the Web (Addison-Wesley) by Håkon Wium Lie and Bert Bos.

I recommend that you take a look at Eric Meyer's Master grid, and at the "Home page" of CSS which you can find at

P@tty Ayers has written a wonderful Link-Styles Tutorial that shows how to style links on a web site, and Project VII explains "pseudo" classes and how they are implemented.

More questions? Is your 'pet' question missing? Ideas? Please mail me at .

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