This web site is about Cascading Style Sheets as a means to separate the presentation from the structural markup of a web site, and it will help you answer some of those frequently asked Questions, explains some of the Basics of CSS, gives you tips and tricks for tackling the problems with Netscape 4, offers you a tutorial about Positioning with CSS (CSS-P, web design without tables). There is also a page with interesting Links.
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Please take a look at the source to see what CSS styles I applied.

Here is the link: Back to the FAQ page

Here now is the table with the border:

The non-scrolling BODY style:
... and that shows a background-image in the center of the <BODY> element, non-scrolling and non-repeating - in IE or NN6. NN 4.xx gets the non-repeat-part right, but stuffs the picture in the upper left corner and scrolls happily everafter...
ps: In NN4.xx, the text inside this table is rendered in Default font, because on this example page only the BODY has a font specified - and NN4.xx has problems with inheritance. Read more about that in the section: Fonts and Inheritance

Justified text: Note that NN 4.xx has problems with the inheritance of styles; that some NN4.xx browser have a funny way to interpret "justify"; and that you have to have at least one blank space between the last character and the </p> tag, because otherwise NN 4.xx likes to justify even a three word half-sentence... also, some browsers do a pretty ugly job of rendering justified text, adding spaces between words, instead of spaces between letters, as with word-processing programs.

These are two Horizontal Rules:

The <div> 'rule'

Matt's Horizontal Rule

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