This web site is about Cascading Style Sheets as a means to separate the presentation from the structural markup of a web site, and it will help you answer some of those frequently asked Questions, explains some of the Basics of CSS, gives you tips and tricks for tackling the problems with Netscape 4, offers you a tutorial about Positioning with CSS (CSS-P, web design without tables). There is also a page with interesting Links.
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CSShark - The Basics
The CSS Know-How Site


The Basics

CSS is...

But how to write a rule?

What are the elements and is there a difference between DIV and SPAN, CLASS and ID? Where and how do I put those styles? Are there differences between an 'embedded style' and an 'imported stylesheet'?

This section of the site is exactly for answers to those questions:

Syntax explains what a rule is, how to group selector (what's that?) or properties; the chapter about Elements introduces you to the different elements and gives you links to the properties and values of CSS; in DIV & SPAN you will learn how to use those two elements - and why; the difference between CLASS & ID actually is quite simple. The next question of course is "If I have my <P> defined and also the <BODY>, which rule takes precedence?" The answer is in the chapter Inheritance, where the Cascade and Inheritance will be explained; the section Stylesheet will show you how to implement all those rules to a HTML document...

This 'Basics' section will give you enough knowledge to re-vamp your existing web sites and make your future web sites leaner and meaner - and will save you hours of update and maintenance time.

You could spend this time to go through the Positioning Tutorial (CSS-P) and you are ready, armed and dangerously well equipped to develop 'pure' CSS web sites...

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